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We have an exclusive catering service for all kinds of events, which includes a main course and a variety of cold, hot and sweet snacks, as well as various seasonal options with pasta, meat or fish.


We provide a comprehensive catering service, with the most exquisite dishes of Uruguayan gastronomy. It includes a variety of snacks and main course, prepared on the grill and on our rotating skewer, unique in the country.


With this proposal, your guests will be able to enjoy the flavor and benefits of food prepared on the grill, with a wide variety of cuts, stuffed meats and vegetables. In particular, we invite you to try the lamb prepared on the rotating skewer, which is healthier due to its vertical cooking.


We have a mobile grill and rotating skewer to take to your event.


All our services include chef, cooks, maitre, waiters, bartender, dishes, cutlery, table linen and logistics, according to the needs of the event. We also offer drinks and a drink bar.


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